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Together, We Can Build Them a Better World

Where they have challenges,

let us be their strength

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1200 N. Federal Highway Suite 200
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Globex Community Development Center, Inc.

Globex Community Development Center, Inc. is your collaborative ally in making the world a better place for you or your loved ones with intellectual and physical challenges.

We understand the struggles faced by both individuals and their families in coming up brave against all the challenges, and emotional difficulties that come with their situation. We, all, have in some way or another, experienced such predicament at one time or another.

Out of genuine compassion and sensitivity to the struggles faced by those most in need, we created the philosophy behind what we do at GCDCI.

We believe in each individual’s equal right to live a normal life. We credit their individual intellects and talents. We trust in their capacities to make a difference. With this, we built the mission to provide home and community based services to our clients in a caring and compassionate way, while empowering them to reach the productive and fulfilled lives they desire.

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